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There will never be more than 84 million Litecoins in circulation. Every 2.5 minutes, the Litecoin network generates a new block–a ledger entry of recent Litecoin transactions throughout the world. It is considered to be among the first altcoins, derived from Bitcoin’s original open-source code.

Additional infoThere are three different types of channels depending on the price trend. An ascending channel is bordered by ascending support and resistance lines, and predicts the continuation of an uptrend. A descending channel is bordered by descending trendlines and predicts a downtrend. When the price runs flat for a while, it is trapped in a horizontal channel, bordered by horizontal lines. If a price breaks below support or above resistance level this is called a breakout.

It has since become the most popular and valuable cryptocurrency protocol. Additional infoBid-ask spreads can be thought of as the difference between the lowest ask and the highest bid in the order book of an exchange. They usually occur on traditional markets as a means of monetizing the services of a broker.

It is a popular way of representing technical analysis data. A two-candle pattern which signifies a trend reversal from a bear to a bull market. The average time it takes for miners to seal off a block.

Additional infoIn the rising wedge pattern, the price is slowly and steadily climbing, while forming higher highs and higher lows, with respect to the trend lines above and below. As the trading zone tightens at the end of the wedge, the volume keeps falling, resulting in a sell off at the end of the pattern. A price level above which it is difficult for the price to move due to a high concentration of sell orders. A type of oscillator that is used to measure the magnitude of price changes to determine whether an asset is overbought or oversold. In computing, a request to retrieve information from a database, such as a blockchain address.

Litecoin’s development was initiated by Charlie Lee, and has been maintained by core developers and contributors from the community. To create a transaction in the original MimbleWimble design, the sender and the npbfx review receiver wallets need to first establish communication. Both parties sign the transaction before sending out to the nodes. For a list of curated resources relevant to Lightning Network, please visit this link.


Sometimes also ‘1st layer scaling’ or ‘layer 1 scaling’. These levels are referred to as Fibonacci levels, and predict where a potential support or resistance level is located. The payment that is offered to a miner to add a transaction to a block. In technical analysis, forex software developer a trader’s anticipation of a specific price movement that never materializes or gets rejected thoroughly. Additional infoThe basic function of an exchange is to provide a fair and regulated trading environment for individuals, companies and even governments.

  • Now Carol will not receive his 1 BTC, as the network looks for transaction to ensure that Bob’s wallet balance is valid.
  • Instead, they are created and exist in the context another blockchain.
  • Additional infoTicker symbols are comprised of letters, numbers or both and uniquely identify an asset.
  • The ‘amount’ column in the orderbook shows how much of an asset is included in each order.

A reversal chart pattern consisting of two lows at the sides and a lower low in the middle. It is commonly formed at the bottom of a downtrend, forecasting a fresh start of a bullish trend. Additional infoOnce something is written in a block on a blockchain, it is impossible to change. Blockchain reaches an astounding level of immutability hardly matched by any other system. The fringe cases in which immutability fails are limited to expensive and time-consuming 51% attacks, against which most blockchains are well-protected. The raising of funds necessary for the development of a new blockchain project by means of offering the newly created coin or token in exchange for other crypto coins or fiat currency.

Bullish Engulfing Pattern

Additional infoA hanging man commonly appears at the top of an uptrend and signifies a trend reversal from bullish to bearish. It is very similar to a shooting star as it predicts a bear trend and has the same candlestick shape as the hammer. Additional infoA gravestone doji candlestick signifies a potential trend reversal. When it appears on the chart after a downtrend, it forecasts the start of a bullish trend, while its formation during an uptrend forecasts a potential start of a downtrend. Additional infoThe double top pattern is formed when the price fails to break a certain resistance level twice in a row.

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An attack against a proof of work blockchain through which the attacker acquires the majority of the mining power and is able to enforce their version of the blockchain. Also known as a ‘double-spending attack’, ‘majority attack’ or sometimes ‘race attack’. Additional infoX.509 uses an international public key infrastructure to verify the identity of the user. It was proposed by the International Telegraph Union Telecommunication Standardization Sector in order to achieve standardization in many cryptographic processes.

Block Time

Some hashing algorithms limit the output of characters that are easily confused for one another (capital ‘O’ and zero ‘0’, capital ‘I’ and lower case ‘l’, for instance). Bitcoin uses the SHA-256 hashing algorithm, Ethereum uses Keccak256 and Litecoin uses scrypt, to name some. Also ‘hash timelock contract’ or ‘hash time locked contract’. A bullish market signal which occurs when a short-term moving average crosses above a long-term moving average.

litecoin abbreviation

If you exchange one bitcoin for another, no change occurred, as the coins are equivalent – they are fungible. Each NFT is unique, so for each NFT, no equivalent token exists. Ethereum supports the creation of NFTs with the ERC721 standard. Additional infoThe hash is deterministic, meaning that it will always be the same when the same input is used. It is also a one-way function and it cannot be reversed, making it infeasible to extract original data solely from the hash.

P2P Network

A slang expression inspiring people in the crypto community to active participation instead of passively holding their assets. The coinage of the term is inspired by and a response to HODL. Additional infoAirdrops are a method of advertising a product, but can also be used to increase the number of users of a cryptocurrency and diversify them.

A decentralized record of transactions that is distributed to a number of nodes. The digital seal that uniquely identifies a piece of code, such as a document or another digital asset and represents proof of ownership while ensuring cm trading reviews the integrity of the contents. Additional infoCommodities are goods in commerce that can be interchanged for other commodities of the same type. Digital commodities differ from regular commodities in that they exist electronically.

Bilateral Chart Pattern

The bigger the space between the moving averages, the bigger the columns of a histogram are. The histogram reflects how strong the current trend is. When it is nearing zero value, it signals that the trend is weakening. Additional infoTo find a price level where a meaningful horizontal line can be drawn, a trader has to spot where on the chart the price has bounced off the same levels multiple times. In other words, they have to figure out which levels represent a significant barrier for the price. When an asset is trading above the drawn line, it acts as a support, and when it is below the line, it acts as a resistance.

That’s all well and good, but can anyone explain what a Dogecoin is? Indeed, the names of cryptocurrencies can sometimes be even more confusing than the currencies themselves. One thing they all have in common is they all have interesting stories behind their names. However, in MimbleWimble there are no addresses, and UTXO values are encrypted by the “blinding factors”. Blinding factors are private keys which are only known to the UTXO owner.

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